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We help unleash the potential of your people through targeted learning
experiences that integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of your organization. 





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Training that meet the needs of organizational objectives.





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 Engaging scenarios that can be applied to everyday situations.





All the Tools You Need to Build an Inclusive Workplace Culture

One in four employees feels a deep sense of "exclusion" in the workplace. This gap in belonging dramatically reduces employee performance and wellbeing, which in turn hurts profitability and impact. Let's change the narrative.





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ECO Model

A succinct six step framework designed to support people managers and individual contributors with healthy dialogue around diversity, inclusion, race, equity, and other challenging conversations.





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Empowering Differences

Empowering Differences is the intentional action of using power and authority for yourself or others while positioning ways in which you are not the same as the people around you. It brings together what makes you unique with how to apply it and grow in your profession while empowering others along the way.





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The Inclusive HR Management Series 

Four independent courses leading to an inclusive HR management certification, including recruitment, hiring, talent development and succession planning.





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Creating a Mindset for Inclusion

A 30-day program that helps employees adopt diversity, equity and inclusion through weekly, scenario-driven modules that measure accountability.





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What can you expect from Touchpoint?

A transformational learning experience grounded in an inclusive framework that's scalable and interactive.





Inclusive Content

We create accessible learning content that anyone can leverage on any device. 





Scale How You Want

Whether it's one person from your organization or multiple, you can scale up seats in every course.





Interactive Modules

From assessments to digital workbooks, we make learning challenging content fun and relevant.





Allison Johnson

Touchpoint really helped me quickly train employees from different locations. 






Marilyn Wright

We used the course for our annual training and were easy to manage and record results.






Jim Wash

After taking the ECO model, our employees reported more instances of happiness.






Erin Kieler

Touchpoint transformed our organizational culture and made everyone at home.






Jonathan Corcorran

Touchpoint gets 5-stars from me and my team. We really made a lot of progress.






Angie Birkmann

We used the ECO model to supplement our live training. It improved the way we work.






Make Diversity, Equity & inclusion a Reality. 

Build the skills, mindsets, and behaviors that foster organizational culture change. Now is the time for change.





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