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Inclusive HR Management Series

Inclusive HR Management

In today’s rapidly changing workplace, HR professionals play a critical role when cultivating a diverse and equitable company culture.

Ascension Worldwide’s Inclusive HR Management eLearning course contains four independent modules leading to an inclusive HR Management Certification. The course features modules on Inclusive Recruitment, Hiring, Talent Development, and Succession Planning.

HR professionals who enroll in the course will come away with insights, tips, tools, and practical guidance that enable them to increase their skillset and become a DEIA Champion of Change within the organization. In addition, HR professionals will develop a pipeline for succession planning, a major challenge in today’s work environment.

The content will also help HR professionals at any level solve some of the biggest challenges in the workplace, including engaging a multicultural workforce, hiring diverse candidates, and retaining talent.

This course allows HR professionals to get insightful training—in one succinct and easy-to-access place—in the office, on the go, or from any mobile device.


Module 1: Recruiting · Diversity Definition · Discrimination · Changing Workforce · How to prepare your recruiting efforts - Barriers

Module 2: Hiring · Diversity Definition · Biases when Interviewing · Competency-Based Interviews · What are you hiring for? · How to prepare your staff for interviewing · Internal and External Recruitment · How to work with Recruiters · Training Hiring Managers · ERGs – DEI Task Force

Module 3: Talent Development · Talent Management and Development Best Practices · Keeping Diverse Talent Within Your Organization · Employee Training and Development · Employee Voice · Learning and Development · Stretch Opportunities · PDPs as a Tool · Developing Mentorship Program · Development Matrix · Measure + Review + Reinforce

Module 4: Succession Planning · Succession Planning · Diverse Leadership · Competencies Framework for Leaders · Succession Planning New Approach · Removing Glass Ceiling · Hidden Rules · Mentorship - Sponsorship - Allyship - Coaching · Culture of Inclusion and Belonging · Conclusion

What is included?

· 4 multi-lesson course modules

· Knowledge Checks for Each Module

· Professional Development Credits

· Certificate of Completion